We serve the HC Group, organize the export of our four professional factories within the group. We have multiple automatic production lines, such as CNC punching, bending and cutting machines, 8 teams of Iron powder coating, 1 line of Wood spray painting and the workshop of heat transfer printing. All of them have passed the Environmental Certification, they can meet the production of various orders or customized products.

In 1998, the first factory HC was established. 20 years development, in 2012, TGJ factory was established to expand production. In 2014, DCHC factory was established. Since its establishment, it is only able to produce supermarket shelves, store shelves, and warehouse shelves from the beginning. Till now It has gradually covered various types of iron display and wood display, sales have covered the South Market in China and some other countries in the world ,well known by our constant quality and service, we became a leading manufacture in the store fixtures filed. With the promotion and industrial upgrading of the Belt and Road Initiative, we have gradually developed the international market and targeted customer customization. We hope to serve more customers through our production advantages and service concepts.